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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Researching without even realizing it

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be posting interviews and posts I was asked to do for other sites in the last while.

Before I wrote the Magic Seasons, which if you’ve followed along on any of my book tours you’d know it was not a planned event in my life; I traveled around to various in province Pagan festivals.  At the time I was so enthralled by finding others to share this different way of life with that I didn’t know how much I learned until long afterward.

There were just so many paths and avenues of knowledge to absorb, it was quite overwhelming.  I mean, I’ve always been pagan and somewhat “unique” but I had never realized how many facets there were until then.

At this point I was already a certified herbalist, using plants, herbs and oils for most of my family and friends health, medical and emotional instances.  I was also a Holistic Back Practitioner, a certified Holistic massage therapist, shiatsu and acupressure specialist, so stepping into an environment of so many nature based beliefs wasn’t a very big leap for me.
During my travels I absorbed so much and my interests were never ending in wanting to learn more and more… 

For each of the paths I’ve put in the Magic Seasons I did spend time with people that followed those without pause. It wasn’t just their beliefs, but their way of life and while a lot of it just didn’t fit into my own personal makeup, I did learn a lot and keep the pieces that fit to enhance what I already believe. 

I’ve been asked a lot if there are ‘real’ witches out there. Yes, there are witches, witchdoctors and practitioners (to mention a few) of different faiths.  It’s really no different than there being pastors, priests and ministers on the other side of the coin of life.

While the magic in the series is somewhat fantastical, even though I’d love to have the ability so smack someone without touching them or move something without lifting a hand (who wouldn’t right?) it’s not far from what real magic is to me.  Just look out the window (if you have a view of nature and not concrete) and tell me that nothing out there has a touch of magic to it. 

Jacqueline Paige
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